Post Scriptum [IR9] Scenario Event, Friday 24.04.2020

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    Hallo zusammen,

    nach Rücksprache, darf ich hier ein wenig Werbung für eine Event im Spiel Post Scriptum machen. Es ist absolut nicht das gleiche, wie in ArmA-Events, macht aber auch ne Menge Spaß.
    Wer Bock hat mitzumachen, einfach hier einschreiben (am besten mit nem Verweis auf mich)

    [BK] Teilnehmerliste

    Treffen werden wir uns im [BK] Discord bzw. im [IR9] Teamspeak

    Ich kopiere einfach mal den Sheet

    IR9 Scenario Event, Friday 24.04.2020

    Date: at 20:45 PM/MET

    Event Description

    The scenario events are scene-based events in which the player
    has limited life. Both side attacks, the time limit is 30 minutes after
    this time the admin write Stop/Freeze. for each player who is alive
    become the Side 1, or one Side is completley death. Protect your
    life and play tactically with your squad.
    Scenario Map Osterbeek
    Scenario Map

    (a) Infantry weapons: Sten, Enfield, Bren
    (b) Vehicles:1x Halftruck
    (c) Logistic: none
    (d) Allies start: at the Allies mark
    (a) Infantry weapons: K98, MP40, MG43
    (b) Vehicles: 1x Halftrack
    (c) Logistic: none
    (d) Axis start: at the Axis mark

    Map:​ ​Osterbeek


    British: Infantry:

    (Squad 10x): 1x SL(Sten), 1x MG(Bren), 1x Medic, 1xRadioman, 6xRifle
    (Platoon): x Smoke
    1x Halftruck
    Logistic: none

    Axis: Infantry:

    (Squad 8-10x): 1x SL(x), 1x Medic, 1x Radioman, 1x MG, x Kar98
    (Platoon): x Smoke
    1x Halftruck
    Logistic: none

    • Both sides attacks and defend their Controll area.
    • The admin writes in the broadcast when you can spawn.
    • time Limit 30 min. 2-3 Rounds are playing
    • At the end admin writes freeze or stop then everyone stay in
      his position and stops shooting.
    • if the opposing team was completely destroyed, you won
    • Squad communication/ realistic communication with a
    • The commander gives the orders and is allow to mark at the
    • no solo player, plays together as a squad and communicates.
    • The Commander can use the smoke arty any time.
    • Recording and Streaming are allowed at the start of the
    • Its not allowed to move out of the Battle zone.

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