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    Greetings to everyone. I'm the famous pilot on your server - Irishman563, usually playing under callsigns Shark, Assassin, Hitman 😛 .
    My name is Mikhail, I'm 21 (Will be at 27'th of august :D) years old and come from Russia with love.
    I'm already playing there regularly for more than half of year, my prioritized role is fixed-wing CAS pilot, usually flying the A-10
    I found this server accidentally when got banned on one of the Russian ones ;DDD, I realized that I need to find a good foreign milsim server to play on and to meet people I'd have fun with.
    You can expect entertaining, epic, and high-quality interactions with me as the CAS unit.

    Hobbies I have are Airsoft milsim, biking, selling equipment. So if you want to get yourself some cool stuff like ballistic vests, helmets, layers, and so on - feel free to contact me ;DD . Can also bring some interesting stuff from the USA, that not many people can get :3

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  • You forgot the picture of you with BDUs at school 😒

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