[Introduction] Tagz/Tag

  • My name is Tagz and I'm 22. I found this server for Arma 3 and awhile, but I've been playing with this community since Arma 2 days. I live by one motto; "It is what it is." There's not much you can do in some terms of somethings and it's best not to stress about it, so it is what it is. You'll catch me around if you know my calls or my patch.

    -This comes from my bio, but it explains who I am just right.

    "My main niche at the moment is PJ oriented. I run various sorties and operate in various ways. Be that TACTP/JTAC, an airborne medic, or just that guy seating in the back of your bird waiting for shit to hit the fan. You need a high-octane rifle on the ground and/or air; I'm your guy."

    In short, I play alone or with a small group of people. So, those who can pick up what's being dropped and can perform duties that don't require attention. If, you can play octane and run independently within a group, then let me know.

  • Task Force 47 Administrator

    Hi Tagzz,
    welcome aboard, always happy to see people interested in air to ground stuff 🙂


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